Graphics programmer (m/f/o)


Work in a small team of dedicated professionals.
Iterate and enhance our proprietary low level multi-platform graphics code.
Build a graphics rendering engine for our next game project on top of low level code.
Implement advanced PBR shaders for lighting, shadows, reflections etc.
Assist artists with specific artistic or performance needs outside of PBR shaders.
Integrate rendering code in our proprietary tools suite.

Instruct and coach Junior programmers.


  • Very experienced in C / C++
  • Very experienced in 3d maths
  • Very experienced in HLSL shader programming
  • Experienced in graphics APIs and respective GPU debuggers
  • Experienced in Visual studio
  • Knowledge of version control systems
  • Good communication skills (english a must)
  • Experience with Spherical Harmonics a plus
  • Experience with console development a plus
  • Proficiency in ruby a plus


On-site in our Frankfurt, Germany offices
We offer flexible working conditions including flexitime, 2 days remote work allowance, part-time contracts etc.


KAIKO GmbH is a small but experienced video game developer.
With more than 30 years of game development experience, the founders still work hands on in the development of our titles.
We have a friendly work environment, work sane hours and allow everbody to leave their mark in our products.
As a company we always strive for competence and reliability and keep ourselves from corporate bullshit or buzzwording.
In 2021 we joined the THQ Nordic Group to work with their talented people and amazing franchises.

How to apply :

Send your CV, resume and work samples via email to jobs@kaikogames.com